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enzyme to work on substrate molecules. They ar e also called helper molecules. 2. T ake a look around your house and identify household products that work by means of. an enzyme. Name the products and indicate how you know they work with an enzyme. Laundry: Enzyme cleaners make it simple to get greasy or grass stains stains out.

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If they possess the enzyme tryptophanase, the bacteria can metabolize tryptophan into indole, pyruvic acid, and ammonia. View ยป Bacteria: The Citrate Test In this lab students perform a test on two different bacteria to determine whether the organisms can use citric acid as their sole carbon source. The citrate test is often performed as part ...

For every enzyme, there is an optimum pH value, at which the specific enzyme functions most actively. Any change in this pH significantly affects the enzyme activity and/or the rate of reaction. To know more about the relation between pH and enzymes, and/or the effect of pH on enzymes, go through this write-up.What Affects Enzyme Activity? Lab Introduction Enzymes are biological catalysts that help to carry out the thousands of chemical reactions that occur in living cells. They are generally large proteins made up of several hundred amino acids. In an enzyme-catalyzed reaction, the substance to be reacted, the substrate, binds to the active site of